Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Welcome to Rimrock, Wyoming


    Hello all, I hope everyone is having a fantastic February. We all know that February is best known for romance, and who can resist a good romance story. I never could. Though I loved reading, I had a desire to write my own love stories. So eventually I did.
    First, I needed a setting. Second, great characters. I randomly chose a name for the town, (I was around sixteen at the time) and it stuck. Rimrock is a fictional town set in the wilds of Wyoming and the people there all have a story to tell.
   After discovering romance books and falling in love with them, I wanted to start writing my own books. It started when I was a junior in high school with the idea for one book. Then three books. Then five books. Over the years, I fell in love with my characters and the supporting characters and decided that their stories needed to be told as well. There were three main families in the town that kept growing and growing. Soon I was writing books about their children and grandchildren.
    Rimrock itself started with a few settlers but over the years grew into a bustling town and a stop for the railroad. The train brought more interesting characters to the town, and they had their own story to tell. Each book is a standalone, but they have reoccurring characters.

The first two Rimrock books are finished and I'm excited to get more finished. This series is about the original settlers of Rimrock. Full of romance, fighting to survive on the harsh land, defending loved ones against danger, mystery, and even a little magic. 
The Wild Love Series is about the second generation of the Rimrock families. The first three books are finished, and I can't wait to get the rest finished. 

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Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day

 I hope the day is full of happiness and romance for the couples out there. For those singles out there I hope your day is wonderful.  Spending the majority of my adult life single, Valentine's Day was just another day. I could have cared less. I was happy and content with my life and myself. But for the past two Valentine's Day's I've been lucky enough to spend it with a great guy. The right one comes along at the right time.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Five Books!!!!

Five Books Published

It's hard to believe that I have published
five books!
Something that started when I was in high school
has turned into something amazing for me.
My active imagination and passion for
romance novels, progressed into writing my
own novels. And that passion keeps growing.

What originally started as three books about 
three sisters, soon turned into 45 books.
I added two more sisters and fell in love with
my supporting characters. Feeling that they had their own stories to tell. Many of them have some amazing stories! 
Then came ideas for other books. Branching out from 
Wyoming, I started books taking place in Texas, Nebraska,
and Oregon. Those books will be a few years down the 
road before they are published.
     In my original Rimrock books, my main character, Jo, I absolutely fell in love with. A complicated, haunted, and stubbornly independent woman. As I wrote her story, I soon realized that it would require being broken down into a couple books. As I wrote, the books became about her sisters and Jo's story was secondary. She is in nearly all of the Rimrock books but never got her own story. Crazy how writing takes its own path. But both of her daughters have their own books.
I have had such a great time developing the three main families that live in Rimrock, Wyoming. The books span three generations and, who knows, maybe more.
    In this writing journey I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing authors. I am constantly learning and, thankfully, improving my writing style. Promise of Spring and Theads of Passion are mutli award winning books. Something I never dreamed of!
     I'm eager to share the stories of the other people in Rimrock, Wyoming. (a fictional town)  There will be lots of passion, mystery, and a touch of magic......


Monday, February 7, 2022

 Outlaw's Redemption is available for .99 until Valentine's Day.

The first book in the Wild Love Series. 

Steamy Romance Novels | TK Conklin Author 

A promise made to a dying man brought Boone Cain to the town of Rimrock. Four years of war had left scars on his body and soul and years of drifting had turned him into a dangerous gunman. He had been prepared for a lot in fulfilling his promise, but he hadn’t been prepared for Leslie Barkley. She melted the ice surrounding his heart and his need for her could make keeping his promise extremely difficult. Getting involved with her was something he couldn’t let happen, but his need for her could win and put her in danger.
Leslie’s gift of premonitions had not warned her about the gunman that came to her boardinghouse looking for a place to stay. Nor had it warned her of the trouble that would follow this handsome, haunted man. Though Leslie had never met Boone before, he is familiar to her. A past premonition? This secretive gunman is connected to her in a way she never imagined and the truth will test her feelings for him.
Can they put the past to rest and live the lives they were destined for?

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Guarded Hearts now available!!

    So happy to announce that Guarded Hearts is now available
at all e-book stores. Print copies available at Amazon.  Attempting to get it out on Lulu and IngramSpark as well.

Happy November!

 It's National Novel Writing Month! Every year I attempt to get a novel finished for NaNoWriMo and every year I fail.  So far this time ...