Friday, January 21, 2022

Review for Promise of Spring

Promise of Spring has to be one of my favorites.

This book has done so much for me. It has received many awards. IPPY Silver place. Beverly Award. Chatelaine First Place. Independent Press Distinguished Favorite. NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite.  

Book Review of Promise of Spring

Promise of Spring by T.K. Conklin is a gripping romance novel set in 19th century Wyoming. The story follows True Tucker as she travels to Rimrock in search of her sisters. However, what she discovers when she gets there is far from expected. A life and death experience has True in a chance encounter with a new love interest, Sam, and his daughter, leading to a blossoming romance filled with ups and downs. The overall plot line is original and compelling from the start with dialogue as snappy and fluid as ever. Conklin’s prose is beautifully written, painting each scene and True’s world with vivid and rich detail. The characters have been well developed and bring interest and complexity to the story—a feature that sets this book apart from others in its genre. For readers interested in an original romance novel with adventure, supernatural elements and unexpected twists and turns, this book is for you. - Review by Book Excellence (

When Eastern aristocrat True Tucker left her lush way of life in Charlotte to travel to the untamed western town of Rimrock to spend the winter with her sisters, she never imagined where the trip would lead. Events beyond her control force her to find refuge in a small mountain cabin with a devilishly handsome man and his young daughter. She knows her life is about to change forever when her feelings for him make her forget she is promised to another man. After a few nights in his strong arms, True suddenly questions where she belongs.

Sam Barkley had long ago given up on finding love after the death of his wife and he certainly didn’t expect to find the beautiful blond woman lost in the mountains. After she saves his daughter’s life at the risk of her own, he can no longer fight the growing love he has for her. Just one taste of her untamed passion leaves him craving more and he can’t let her go. Sam has until spring to try to convince True to stay in Rimrock with him, because he knows that is exactly where she belongs.



New Book!

 Happy to announce that book two of the Wild Love Series will be available in February!

Guarded Hearts tells the story of LaRisa (daughter of Matthew and Shyfawn in Promise of Tomorrow) a haunted woman with an unusual and unpredictable gift. LaRisa appears in Outlaw's Redemption, (Wild Love Book One) and I felt she deserved her own story. It was a joy to write the love story between LaRisa and Strykes.

When a simple touch can hurt or heal, do they dare take a chance on love?

LaRisa spent her life as the town outcast. Whispered to be a witch, she grew and sold healing herbs to the very people that shunned her. Because of the gift she was cursed with at birth, she fears touching others. She knew she was destined to be a spinster as well. Until she meets a man that isn’t afraid of her.

The beautiful auburn haired witch instantly enchanted Strykes, but falling in love with her was not something he should do. Haunted by his past and of what he could become, makes him leery of love. Though his hands ache to caress her, he is afraid he will hurt her. Or worse.

When his outlaw past catches up to him and sends them running for their lives, the love between them grows. As well as their fears.

Happy November!

 It's National Novel Writing Month! Every year I attempt to get a novel finished for NaNoWriMo and every year I fail.  So far this time ...