Sunday, April 3, 2022

Outlaw's Redemption is a winner!


  I entered Outlaw's Redemption in The Book Fest Awards a while back and WON!  What a happy surprise for me last night. I received an e-mail about the winners and was honored to be among such great authors.

  Winning Second Place in Western Romance.

  But winning First Place in Paranormal.... this might confuse people.

  When Outlaw's Redemption made the Finals for the Chanticleer Reviews Paranormal Category, many people were confused. "But your books are Western Romance" some people said to me. This is true. Western Romance is the main focus of my books and many people don't think that Historical Western and Paranormal should go together.  Not all my books are this way, but a few have paranormal elements. 
   Outlaw's Redemption is a good mix. Leslie has visions of events to come. Boone is haunted by a ghost that speaks to him in his mind. That is just a quick example. There is so much more to it. The love blossoming between them, his promise to fulfill, her secret ability, and a cast of complex characters.
   I never thought of my books as Paranormal. To me, paranormal was vampires, witches, werewolves, etc. For those who have read my books know that the Tucker sisters each have a special ability. Joanna can see at night. Shyfawn heals with her hands. True has visions of events to come. The abilities pass only to their daughters as their families grow.
  I never saw those abilities as being paranormal but apparently they are. After that, I decided to enter Outlaw's Redemption into the various Paranormal categories in contests. I'm very glad I chose to branch out.
  However, not everyone likes this combination of Historical Romance and Paranormal. People have their own preferences, and that is okay. I myself enjoy this combination. Many years ago, I read a historical western romance that had merged the two. I can't remember who the author was or what the book was called, but I really enjoyed it. Her main character could heal with her hands. Another book I read, her main character could touch an object and see past events. There were a handful of theses book I read before I began writing and I loved it. So I decided when I started writing my books, my main characters would have their own special abilities.
  As the years went by, the families grew and their daughters gained the abilities. So three generations later, the abilities are still being passed on. (I have so many books to publish) Future books have a few surprises in them. I can't give up too much information, but there will be a few books with new characters and new abilities.
  The next few books I publish won't have the paranormal aspects in them. I love writing both and will continue to do what I love. My lifelong dream of being an author is finally coming true.

Happy November!

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