Wednesday, November 2, 2022

NaNoWriMo time is here and a new book will be born!

 November is National Novel Writing Month.

The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. I have yet to succeed at this. It seems when November comes, I have ultimate writers block! I'm going to give it a try again this year. My plan is to write a Wild Love Series novella. I have two of them planned and with any luck I'll get one finished.

The first Novella will be about Bryan McNeal and Tessa Allen. If the last names sound familiar, they should. Both names were featured in Outlaw's Redemption. McNeal was part of the outlaw gang that murdered the Allen family and burned the farm to the ground.

I didn't plan on writing a book about McNeal, he was a brief character in Outlaw's Redemption. But he was given a chance to get away from the outlaw ways and start a new life. Seemed fair to me because he was a decent kid that got mixed up with the wrong people. 

And then......  My little brain suddenly wondered, "What happened to him?" And a book idea was born.

McNeal, now a bounty hunter, returns to Rimrock to make peace with the past. He was there during the murder of the Allen family and it has haunted him for the past five years. What he doesn't know is that Tessa, the oldest Allen daughter, was away at school when her family was murdered. She has now returned to work her family's farm.

Guilt from past events and the need to protect her, cause McNeal to stay and work the farm with her. A ruthless rancher wants her land and McNeal knows he will have to stay and fight for her. What he didn't expect, was to fall in love with her. Can he be with her every day and not confess the truth of what happened to her family? Will she hate him and force him to leave the farm?

You can get Outlaw's Redemption and get to know Bryan McNeal if you haven't already.

Available at all E-Book stores. Print copies at Amazon and Lulu

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A promise made to a dying man brought Boone Cain to the town of Rimrock. Four years of war had left scars on his body and soul and years of drifting had turned him into a dangerous gunman. He had been prepared for a lot in fulfilling his promise, but he hadn’t been prepared for Leslie Barkley. She melted the ice surrounding his heart and his need for her could make keeping his promise extremely difficult. Getting involved with her was something he couldn’t let happen, but his need for her could win and put her in danger. Leslie’s gift of premonitions had not warned her about the gunman that came to her boardinghouse looking for a place to stay. Nor had it warned her of the trouble that would follow this handsome, haunted man. Though Leslie had never met Boone before, he is familiar to her. A past premonition? This secretive gunman is connected to her in a way she never imagined and the truth will test her feelings for him. Can they put the past to rest and live the lives they were destined for?

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